About Us


Currently, Dua is among the most favorite coffees in Albania, thanks to our passion, dedication and attention to every detail of the process, starting from the selection of the place of origin of the plants, their harvesting and complete treatment. This makes each Dua Caffe bean special.

The range of our products is quite wide, including products for the home, products for the office, as well as products for the HORECA network.


The scent and color are characteristic and in accordance with the consumer’s tastes.

Our coffee is present everywhere with its three brands: Dua Caffe, Aria caffe, Merak Caffe. Currently, you can find Dua Caffe in the Albanian market, that of North Macedonia, Kosovo, Spain and France.

Dua caffe started the journey in the coffee industry using the most innovative production lines.
Coffee Bags & Packets produced on average daily.
Dua coffee cups are consumed on average by our customers every month.


We work with passion and honesty every day to maintain excellent coffee quality for our customers. We try to make our modest contribution to relatively old customs, keeping in mind every moment the immense love for the consumer, coffee, nature and human life.

Our vision

To position itself as a leader in the Albanian market and to further consolidate Dua caffe’s performance in international markets.

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