The art of coffee roasting

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About Us

Dua Caffe meets the Albanian consumer demand for coffee with unique flavor. The complete aroma and unique balance of the mixture and roasting makes Dua Caffe a coffee that cannot be easily forgotten.

From the selection of the best coffee beans to their roasting and contemporary packaging; Dua Caffe is all that is lacking in the coffee market in Albania.

High technology and coffee packaging system guarantees the quality of Dua Caffe from roasting to her enjoyment.

Innovation in the market

Dua Caffe comes as a novelty for the consumer with an art that starts from selecting coffee beans, roasting them, grinding to contemporary packaging. The mixture of this coffee is selected by our masters, matured by a high technology and it retains its quality and original taste. We bring to you the best coffee beans, the unique aroma and the full service in the cup you want.
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    The art of roasting
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    The art of the taste satifaction
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    The coffee tradition, in your cup
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    Perfect coffee, uncompromising
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    An irresistible feeling of tastes
Selection of coffee beans
Perfect for  smoothies
Coffee beans roasting
Different recipes for drinks
Quality coffee

Our mission

Dua Caffe comes with a clear mission: establishing and maintaining the highest standards of quality and ethics in everything we do. We aim to offer the most delicious coffee and also want to offer our customers an excellent service.

Coffe-based cocktail 




+355 068 30 00 333


Rruga Picar nr 1032 , Vore Tirane- Albania, Kod Postar 1032


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